vMix Cares

vMix Cares: Student social support for the modern age.

Ah, student life - a time of endless possibilities, unbridled potential, and also, let's face it, a whole lot of stress. That's where the vMix University Student Social Support Program comes in! vUSSSP is like a safety net for students as they navigate the treacherous waters of online academia. Need someone or something to talk to about your fears and insecurities? We've got you covered. Struggling to balance coursework, extracurriculars, and a part-time job? Don't worry, we're here to help.

Program Features

The success of the vMix Cares program is predicated on trust, support and care. We've pioneered a number of programs that have enriched the lives of our students which leaves them more engaged with their curriculum and their peers.

Here are just a few of the success stories-

  • The Virtual Cat Pat. vMix University students are able to control a remote robotic arm and pat a cat. This was also live streamed and on October 17th 2013, we had a record 562 concurrent viewers!
  • Emotional Support Tamogotchis are assigned to students that are feeling a little isolated. Statistics showed that with their emotional support, the students saw a 11% increase in happiness and an 8% bump in academic grades.
  • Dial a Mum is a program piloted by vMix University that would offer life advice to students. Although this could be subject to misuse, it provided a solid advice option for most responisble students. Not sure how to change the front headlamp in your 2004 Kia Rio? Just dial a mum!
  • Procrastination Nation. Are you the type of student who leaves everything until the last minute? Don't worry, you're not alone! Our virtual Procrastination Workshops will teach you the art of putting things off until the very last minute - but in a way that actually gets results. Learn how to channel your inner procrastinator for maximum productivity.
  • Rage Room: Sometimes you just need to break stuff, you know? That's where our online Rage Room comes in. It's a specially designed virtual space where you can take out your frustrations on a variety of objects. We'll even provide virtual safety gear and a soundtrack of angry music to really get you in the zone.
  • Blow a Kiss To The Moon was a short lived program that was initiated in January of 2014. At a designated time each day, 9pm, vMix University students that chose to participate would blow a kiss to the moon. Through this joint action, the program intended to cultivate a sense of community amongst participants. Each student could look to the moon and know that other vMix University students were looking at the same moon, and blowing them a kiss. Unfortunately the instructions weren't clear enough and due to the ongoing confusing and potential lawsuits the "Blow a Kiss To The Moon" program was shuttered in February of 2014.

Bananas Without Borders

vMix University is a proud supporter of Bananas Without Borders. If you'd like to get involved with the local vMix University chapter and become a Bananas Without Borders ambassador, just drop us an email via our contact page.