Common Questions

More about the dean

  • What is the deans favourite type of frog?

    It's a tough choice but the green tree frog has always had a soft spot in my heart.

  • How many spatulas does the dean own?

    It's a funny story, and I think I know why this is being asked. Some students found out that I was a previously the proprieter of a Spatula City store here in town. So yes, I do have quite a number of spatulas. I would probably put the number around 1700. Keep in mind though that these aren't all for cooking, I have some ceremonial spatulas, gold plated spatulas and plenty of spatula related trinkets.

  • Emails, text messages or faxes?

    I'd say that for important life events (birth announcements, medical results and speeding fines) I would prefer fax. Emails are all about business, and texts are for pleasure.

  • How many Fast And Furious films has the dean seen?

    I've seen 85% of them in the cinema as I'm a part of the "Family" as we like to be known. Unfortunately I was late on the bandwagon and didn't get to see the original or 2Fast2Furious at the movies. It's probably the biggest regret in my life to date.

  • What words does the dean live by?

    Why do we close our eyes when we PRAY, CRY, DREAM? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen...but felt only by the heart.

How safe is the vMix Virtual Campus?

97% safe. Unfortunately there are always going to be unknown forces that may cause issues anywhere in life, but we pride ourselves in prioritising safety. In fact, there have been 0 true crime podcasts based on any crimes that have happened on campus.

Where do the profits of vMix University go?

Supreme Chancellor is the sole determinant of the vMix University profits. The University is run with razor thin margins so that we can ensure that all acceptable candidates can afford to attend. But to answer your question, in recent years the profits went towards a popcorn maker and 10kg tub of chicken salt.

Where can I download the vMix University anthem?

As mentioned in the prior FAQ, we've been advised not to comment about the Hoobastank incident.