Non-traditional sportz in a hyperconverged world!

We learned early on that vMix University was not going to be the bastion of physical activity that most high educational institutions strive for. The most important muscle to vMix University attendees is typically their brain, and sometimes their hamstrings. As a result, vMix University has a diverse range of sporting achievements and focuses.

Throughout the years we've been home to regional and national superstars in sports such as goat soccer, land kayaking, bing bong ball and competitive milkshake making.

Sporting Achievements at vMix University

Here is just a short list of National Achievements that teams or individuals from vMix University have attained-

  • 2012 National Champions- Fire Chess
  • 2012 Runners Up- Sudoku Smash (Age 65-70 category)
  • 2012 National Champions- Heli Rubik's Cube Solving
  • 2012 National Champions- Division 16c Peanut Weight Krav Maga Tournament

The vMix University Fighting Bananas!

The humble banana was selected as the vMix University mascot and our students are proud to call themselves Fighting Bananas! You'll see bananas adorning flags, clothing, hats, napkins, vehicles and stickers all around the world! When you see a Banana out and about, you'll know that the person sporting the mascot is a well-rounded, smart, hygenic and powerful individual. Don't forget to give your fellow alumni the 'Banana Shake' when you see them!